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About AEPA

We are an estate planning association.

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Who are we ?

We are an estate planning association.

We believe every family regardless of wealth level can have a well-funded estate plan.

We certify quality estate planning courses that provide you with the skills to plan for families and businesses.

We give regular talks to the public.

We believe in helping every family set up a well-funded estate plan that includes at least a Will, a Trust, a LPA and a Life Insurance Policy.

The Asia Estate Planning Association is a professional body dedicated to:

Providing a platform for advocates and practitioners of estate planning to learn, network and share their knowledge and experience with one another to the betterment of families and businesses

Fostering interaction and dialogue among members, the community and the government through the establishment of a forum where members can share their knowledge and experience in estate planning

Communicating estate planning in simple terms so that practitioners can plan better, and families can have greater confidence and clarity about the future.

AEPA Recognised Courses

We have recognised some courses and are currently reviewing more.


Photos and videos from our AGM on March 7, 2024

AGM 2024

Understanding US Tax Issues and Solutions for High-Net-Worth Families – Planning for Foreigners with Assets in Singapore Workshop

Photos from our November 23, 2023 Understanding US Tax Issues and Solutions for High-Net-Worth Fa...

AEPA Estate Planning Roundtable

Photos from our September 28, 2023 AEPA Estate Planning Roundtable