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Dear Members

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Members of Asia Estate Planning Association (“AEPA”) will be convened and held at 60 Cecil Street ISCA House Training Room 3-4 (Level 3) Singapore 049709 on Thursday, 7th March 2024 at 2.00pm to transact the following business:

  1. To welcome new AEPA members and thank existing members for showing their renewing support in AEPA. 
  2. To confirm the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 16 March 2023.
  3. To receive and, if approved, adopt the Annual Report and the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2023.
  4. To thank the outgoing EXCO and Working Committee members.
  5. To vote in the new executive committee for a new term of 2 years (2024 – 2026).
  6. To re-affirm the strategic direction of AEPA.
  7. To propose the motion to nominate Mr. Keon Chee to be the Honorary President of AEPA.
  8. To present relevant information and trends that happened in 2023, including the Singapore Budget 2024, that have practice impact relating to estate planning.
  9. To present the events and activities in 2024.
  10. To call for action to invite non-member attendees to be member.
  11. To transact any other business of which in writing has been received by the Secretary by 5pm, 29 February 2024.

By Order of the Executive Committee

Ms Hanako Young


26 January 2024

*This Notice has been made available on AEPA’s website on 26 January 2024.  It may be accessed at: https://www.AEPA.Asia/agm2024

Please note that a quorum according to para 15.2 of the Constitution consists of “At least one-quarter (1/4) of the total voting membership or thirty (30) voting members, whichever is the lesser, present at a General Meeting shall form a quorum. Proxies shall not be constituted as part of the quorum.”

We earnestly seek your participation.

Important Notes:

The following arrangements will be adopted for the Annual General Meeting:

  1. Members who wish to attend the AGM must pre-register at the pre-registration website at https://www.AEPA.Asia/agm2024 before 5pm on 29 February 2024 to enable AEPA to verify their status as members and for meeting details to be sent to the Members.
  2. A Member may submit questions / AOB to AEPA via email to [email protected] by post or by hand.  The questions / AOB must reach AEPA by 5pm 29 February 2024.

For more information on the AGM and to download the relevant documents in relation to the AGM, you may visit our AEPA website at www.AEPA.Asia.

*Please log into your account to access the annual report and 2023 AGM minutes of the meeting.

Yes, please register me for the AGM.

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*The opinions expressed in our resources are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of AEPA or its members. The contents constitute general information only and not meant to be specific advice. AEPA does not provide legal, financial or tax advice in any capacity.


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